Here are some of my images, I started imaging in 2001 with a GPS-11 and Hyperstar.

I now have gone to a upper end armature setup and I am having a lot of fun learning not only the equipment but the processing skills too.

Adjust your monitor so you can see the full spectrum above

Latest Images toward the bottom of the page


Bubble Nebular shot in 2003 with C-14/ST-10XE/AP-1200

Dumbbell Nebular shot in 2003 with C-14/ST-10XE/AP-1200

Blue Snowball Nebular shot in 2003 with C-14/ST-10XE/ME

Eagle Nebular shot in 2003 with a C-14/ST-10XE/ME

Dumbbell Nebular shot in 2003 with C-8/ST-10XE/AP-1200

M3 shot in 2003 with TMB-152/ST-10XE/AP-1200

Andromeda Galaxy shot in 2003 with Tak Sky90/ST-10XE/ME

Network Nebular shot in 2003 with Tak Sky90/ST-10XE/ME

Moon shot in 2003 with TMB-152/ST-10XE/AP-1200

Pinwheel Galaxy shot 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

Eagle Nebular shot in 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

NGC-281 shot in 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

Ring Nebula shot 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

M95 shot 02/03 with C-14/ST-8XE/AP-1200

Network Nebula shot 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

Omega Nebula shot 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

Wild Duck Cluster 10/03 TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

Another Section of Veil 10/03 TMB-180/ST-10XE ME

Crab Nebula shot 10/03 TMB-180/ST-10XE/ME

Orion Nebula Shot 02/03 C-14/Hyperstar/ST-8XE/CGE

Whirlpool Galaxy 02/03 C-14/Hyperstar/ST-8XE/CGE

Moon (very large) C-14/ST-10XE/AP-1200

Horsehead Nebula shot10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10/ME

NGC-891 shot 10/03 with TMB-180/ST-10/ME

M45 shot 10/03 with FSQ/ST2K/G-11

M42 shot 10/03 with FSQ/ST2K/G-11

M31 shot 10/03 with FSQ/ST2K/G-11

Pinwheel Galaxy shot 11/03 TMB180/ST10/ME

M45 shot 11/03 FSQ/Canon 10D/G-11

NGC-1977/M45 shot 11/03 FSQ/ST2K/G-11

Flame_HorseHead 1/04 FSQ/ST2K/Paramount

M52_Bubble 1/04 FSQ/ST2K/Paramount

First Light RC 12.5 ST10XME Paramount

M88 2/04 RC 12.5 ST10XME Paramount

Jupiter shot 3/04 TMB-180/ToUcam/CGE

Moon shot 3/04 RC 12.5/ST2K/Paramount

California Nebula FSQ/ST2K/CGE

Cone Nebula FSQ/ST2K/CGE

Rosette Nebula FSQ/ST2K/CGE

M66 RC 12.5/ST-10XME/Paramount

Sun TV-102/HX-916 HGM-200

Moon TMB-180/Canon 10D/Paramount

Moon Setting Canon 10D/70mm Lens

Moon TMB-180/Canon 10D/Paramount

M51 5/04 RC 12.5/Paramount/STL-11K

M57 6/04 RC 12.5/Paramount/STL-11K

M3 5/04 RC 12.5/Paramount/STL-11K

NGC-6514 RC 12.5/Paramount/STL-11K

M45 FSQ/Paramount/STL-11K

Pelican Nebula FSQ/Paramount/STL-11K

Section of Milky Way shot with a Canon Rebel

NGC-6611 RC 12.5/Paramount/ST2K

M31 Mosaic RC 12.5/Paramount/ST2K

Moon TMB-180/Paramount/Webcam

Jupiter RC 12.5/Paramount/Webcam

M8 RC 12.5/Paramount/STL-11K

First Light STL-6303/AP-180 Rosette Nebula

Another First light with the STL-6303/AP-180

M13 STL-6303/AP-180/Paramount ME

M16 STL-6303/AP-180/Paramount ME

Cone Nebula STL-6303/AP-180/Paramount ME

NGC-7000 FSQ/Paramount/STL-11K

First Light TMB130 F6/STL6303/Paramount

NarrowBand M8 with TMB130/STL6303/Paramount

NGC6888 HA TMB180/STL6303/Paramount

Witches Broom Narrow Band TMB180 STL6303

NGC6888 Narrow TMB180/STL6303/Paramount

NGC7000 Hutech Rebel 18mm Lens on LX200

M27 Narrowband TMB180/STL6303/Paramount/Astrodon

Same M27 widefield @ 50%

Lunar Eclipse 2004 Canon 10D/TMB180

Colorized Moon Canon 10D/TMB180

NGC6853 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

M16 Narrowband STL6303/TMB180/Paramount ME

M31 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC-7023 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

IC-1396-HA TMB-180/STL6303/Paramount ME

IC-1396-NB TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC-6618 (M17) TMB180/6303/Paramount

NGC-6618 (M17) TMB180/6303/Paramount

IC-5146 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC-6514 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC2244 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

Same image shot in Narrowband SII/HA/OIII 12 hours total imaging time

HorseHead FRC300/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC6853 FRC300/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC1499 FRC300/STL6303/Paramount ME

Trapizium FRC300/STL6303/Paramount ME

M42 Sky90/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC2244 Sky90/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC1499 TMB175/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC6960 TMB175/STL6303/Paramount ME

First light FSQ/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC2244 FSQ/STL6303/Paramount ME

Horse Flame BRC250/STL6303/Paramount ME

IC405 BRC250/STL6303/Paramount ME

Deneb BRC250/STL6303/Paramount ME

Cone Nebula BRC250/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC7000 TMB130/STL6303/Paramount ME

M42 TMB180/STL6303/Paramount ME

HorseHead in false color blue shot with the TMB-180

NGC1499 in false color blue shot with the TMB-180

NGC-1952 LRGB shot with the TMB-180/STL6303/Paramount ME

NGC-2359 HA BRC-250 STL11K/Paramount ME

NGC2244 HA BRC250 STL11K/Paramount ME

Blue Moon BRC-250 STL11K/Paramount ME

First Light TMB203 F9 NGC2244

NGC2359 HA TMB203 STL6303/Paramount ME

M51 Shot with the TMB-203/STL6303/ParamountME

IC-5067 in Narrowband TMB-180/STL-6303/ParamountME

NGC-6992 in Narrowband TMB-180/STL-6303/ParamountME

Pickering's Triangle in Narrowband TMB-180/STL-6303

IC-5067 Mosaic in Narrowband TMB-180/STL-6303