Well on Oct 21st 2005 the crate arrived with the FRC-300 and a Paramount ME

The process begins of unpacking

A shot of the first batch of boxes from the crate

A shot of the second batch of boxes from the crate

Paramount ME arrived safely

OTA arrived in one piece too (thank god)

Here is a shot of the custom made dovetail bar for this scope

The dovetail has recessed wholes for the ring bolts

Split rings now attached to the dovetail

OTA now bolted into the rings and dovetail

Here is a shot of the dovetail mounted in the Paramount

OTA now waiting for the guide scope and camera

A shot of the optics

This says it all

4" Focuser and Acc.

Rear Mirror Holder

Rear Cell with cover removed for Collimation

Rear cell with the cover back on

4" focuser with 5" Camera Rotator

Another shot of the focuser

Focuser back in the scope with the corrector installed

Shot of the DFI Focuser attached to the STL-6303

Closer view of the focuser

Camera installed in the 4" focuser

Ready for action

2nd Paramount waiting to be installed

A couple of shots of the optional reducer

Side view of the reducer