APM 130 F6 and APM 180 F9

New APM 130 F6 mounted atop my 2nd APM180 F9, After selling my first APM-180 I missed it so much I replaced it
This is the field flattener for the 130, it is setup for a SBIG STL series cameras
Here is the flattener installed on the 3.5" Starlight focuser of the 130
Here is a shot of the STL-6303 on the 130
Another shot atop the 180 F9
Here is a shot of the 180 lens
This is a shot of the flattener for the 180
Another shot of the flattener which shows this is setup for the 6x7 camera, I will need to get a new front section to work with the STL camera
Ready for Imaging!