After having my GPS-11 for almost a year I started having problems with play in the RA axis, I was able to move the fork arms back and forth about 1/2". I looked in the base cover and saw that the whole RA gear and worm were moving together. so I knew it had to do with the clutch.

I began by breaking the unit down to the RA clutch assembly and see what was going on.
When I got it apart I could see what was giving me the play, it was the 3 screws that hold the clutch hub to the RA gear had backed off, I applied Loc-Tite to the screws and reassembled.
After getting the clutch drum squared away I made sure I used liberal amounts of Loc-Tite to reassemble the RA gear.
Here is the bearing along with all the Loc-Tite.
Here's another shot of the clutch drum.
Here we are just about back together again, this is a shot of the two piece power ring.